America’s Goals: Goal 2 Affordable Quality Healthcare

The biggest healthcare problem in America is that it’s far too expensive for what we get. Hospitals and doctors overcharge, pharmaceutical companies jack up prices, and everyday Americans are left with massive out-of-pocket expenses. We can lower healthcare costs for all, put a cap on out-of-pocket costs, and engage in preventative public health rather than expensive emergency medicine, all while increasing life expectancy. (source: America’s Goals)



American’s pay a whopping 17% of national income for health care while other countries pay only 10-12% of national income and yet live longer. [4]




Life expectancy in the United States is 78.8 years, 3 years less than Australia (82.5) and, France (82.4), and Sweden (82.3) and 5 years less than Japan (83.9). [5]  In twelve US states it is already at 80 years or higher, but fifteen states are still below 78 years. [6]




Hunger and food insecurity cause enormous suffering and cost the US economy an estimated $160 billion in 2014. [7]


Jesus and Wholeness of Life

Health is important to well-being and living a full life. Food security and access to affordable and quality healthcare are human rights. Scripture is full of examples of Jesus and his disciples caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, and advocating for a just society where all have access to what they need for survival and well-being. We need look no further than how Jesus announces his public ministry in Luke 4:18-19, and how depicts the Last Judgement in Matthew 25:31-46. Both passages make clear the Christian call to care for the sick, the hungry, and oppressed.